Amy Benton PR Brand + Identity

The Amy Benton PR brand and identity redesign included identity suite (primary logo, secondary logo, and brandmark) and tagline. Additional projects included stationery package, website, social media, and various print materials.

Amy Benton PR is a Frederick, Maryland-based public relations firm specializing in media, sales, marketing, and business management.

The Identity Story… It was fundamental to Amy Benton PR that the company's identity redesign showcase characteristics true to the company's mission and goals, as well as to its longtime and target clientele. After working closely with Benton throughout the brand and identity discovery phase, the result was an identity system that made that connection—Refined, simple, classic, and high-end. The identity's brandmark of two interwoven links not only represents the necessary connections that Benton creates for her clients, as well as her connection to the community, but also doubles as Benton's initials.