Baviello Investment Management Brand + Identity

The Baviello Investment Management brand and identity design included identity suite (primary logo, secondary logo, and secondary marks), stationery package, website, signage, and various other print materials.

Baviello Investment Management is a boutique investment advisory firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their mission is simple—protect and grow their clients' wealth through discipline and patience, investing in only high-quality, heavily researched options. 

The Identity Story… The Baviello Investment Management identity suite and brand attributes are simple, classic, and refined. The brandmark is a nod to the history of currency, based on the world's very first minted coin, the Lydian Lion stater. Believed to date to around the second half of the 7th century BCE, the Lydian stater, or coin, was the model for virtually all subsequent coinage. The lion symbolizes leadership, protectiveness, strength, and truth—Synonymous with the company and its mission. You'll find duality in the lion's sweeping mane creating the Baviello initial "B."




Baviello Investment Management


Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator