Maryland Clothing Co. Brand + Identity

The Maryland Clothing Co. brand and identity project included identity suite (primary logo, secondary logo, and secondary marks), apparel and accessory design, social media, website, and print materials.

Maryland Clothing Co. is an American-made, locally-sourced apparel company that believes in providing high quality, affordable clothing and accessories that showcase Maryland pride. They strive to create meaningful products that connect with the Maryland lifestyle while building relationships with customers and local businesses.

The Identity Story… The Maryland Clothing Co. identity suite and brand attributes are classic, casual, and vintage. The eagle brandmark was chosen for several reasons, starting with the national anthem. The Star Spangled Banner, written in Maryland, is a song about bravery, hope, triumph, and freedom—all things synonymous with the Country's national bird and the pride and strength that it symbolizes. The eagle is also a salute to the vast military presence in Maryland, the Navy in particular outfits formal uniforms of numerous branches with unique department eagle insignia pins. If you look closely you'll see the duality in the eagle, the spanned wings create the two C's for Clothing and Company and the eagle's breast and tail feathers create the M for Maryland. The M is also an inverted trident, a nostalgic nod to the U.S. Naval Academy which calls the State's capital home. You'll find a trident atop the U.S. Naval Academy's official seal.




Maryland Clothing Co.


Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator, Strategic Partner