Warthen Team Brand + Identity

The Warthen Team brand and identity redesign included the identity suite (primary logo, secondary logo, and secondary marks), tagline, stationery, apparel, and various print materials. 

Warthen Team is a four-state licensed real estate team serving in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Their elevated level of service, combined with experience, knowledge, and responsiveness is the foundation of the five star experience that each and every Warthen Team client receives. 

The Identity Story… The Warthen Team identity suite and brand attributes are refined, simple, modern, and masculine. The brandmark unites the company's initial "W" with a strong, recognizable symbol representative of location, real estate-buying and selling, and property investment. Location is real estate's one constant, whether someone is buying or selling–for themselves, their family, or as property investment. The W cradles the location symbol, highlighting Warthen Team as a trusted real estate source–a team of strategic caretakers who help their clients reach their goals in a timely manor and at optimum cost efficiency.




Warthen Team


Creative Director, Designer